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A Traditional Scottish Brooch

The Luckenbooth is a traditional Scottish brooch that consists of a single or two hearts laid together, often surmounted by a crown.  They have many associations with Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular.


They have been considered as talismans, witches brooches and lover's tokens at various times.  Examples exist from the sixteenth century when they may have been an import from France in the days of the "Auld Alliance".  They are often known as "Queen Mary Heart" brooches after Mary Queen of Scots.  The two overlapping hearts create her initial "M".


They were particularly popular during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when they were sold from the luckenbooths (locking-booths) or shops which were built around St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile of Edinburgh.


Today the luckenbooth may be crafted in silver or gold and is often set with traditional Scottish gemstones.  The majority of our luckenbooth brooches are either antique or handmade in Edinburgh and carry the distinctive Edinburgh hallmark.  As a gift they are popular and always well received.



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