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These are some of the services we offer here at Alistir Wood Tait


Jewellery Repairs and Refurbishment:

Including - Ring resizing, claw re-tipping, rhodium plating, stone-setting, antique jewellery refurbishment, jewellery cleaning and polishing and many other types of specialist work. Contact us or come and see us in the shop to discuss repairing your jewellery.

Pearl and Bead Restringing:

We can restring all varieties of pearl, from classic single rows to multiple graduated rows, knotted or unknotted. We can also repair and restring antique Oriental seed pearl necklets and bracelets, as well as all kinds of beads, amber, turquoise, jet etc...

Lapidary and gemstone cutting:

Have the gemstones in your jewellery lost their fire and lustre? Perhaps they are looking a bit scratched or scuffed. They can often benefit from being polished by a lapidary or being re-cut. We can offer all of these services to rejuvenate your jewellery and make it look new once again.

Hand Engraving:

To provide that personal touch to a wedding ring, or a silver gift, or for a family crest or seal on a signet ring, we offer a hand engraving service. Our expert hand-engraver can render initials or an image in many styles to suit your treasured item. Our engraver has many years of experience and engraved silver items for the 2011 Royal Wedding.

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