Alistir Wood Tait is not only a highly qualified valuer, but a Member of the Institute of Registered Valuers of the National Association of Jewellers. Mr Tait has forty years of jewellery valuation experience. All valuations are carried out by Mr Tait or his fully qualified colleague in accordance with the conventions of the IRV.


Alistir is a:

               Member of the Institute of Registered Valuers

               Member of the National Association of Jewellers

               Fellow of the Gemmolgical Association of Great Britain

               Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and is a jewellery historian

                    Diamond Diploma of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain     



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Is your valuation for Insurance purposes? - If so we provide you with a bound valuation document containing detailed descriptions, values, and colour images of your jewellery prepared by an expert and qualified jewellery valuer. Please visit us at our Rose Street premises to discuss your valuation requirements.

If you ever make an insurance claim you will have difficulty in being fully compensated by your insurer without a recent valuation document.

Charges for valuations for the purposes of insurance:


We do not base our fees upon a percentage of the value of your jewellery. Our charges are fair, not arbitrary,  based upon the actual work undertaken and the time spent appraising your jewellery. All charges are plus VAT at the current rate.


     Documentation Fee:                                                   £75 per valuation

     Plus per item charge of:

     Items under £100 in value or less will be charged at          no charge

     Items under £500 in value or less will be charged at         £20 each

     Non-gem-set articles                                                                 £40 each

     Gem-set articles                                                                          £65 each

     Watches                                                                                £15-£65 each

     Exceptional articles*                                                       From £85 each


     *Exceptional articles include: Diamonds larger than one carat (over one carat charged at £100 per carat). Multi-diamond or multi-gemstone and complex items. Gemstone jewellery that requires additional gem-testing. Items that require in-depth research possibly due to their provenance, rarity or uniqueness. Any item which requires to be submitted to an independent laboratory for a specialist report, identification or diamond grading will incur an additional cost.


When you bring your jewellery items for valuation, please also provide any receipts, certificates, or documents which relate to your valuables. These are important for your documentation.


Mr Tait will be happy to discuss your jewellery valuation with you in person and on request provide an estimate in advance.


Is your valuation for any other reason? - Mr Tait can also offer valuations for reasons such as Confirmation of Will, Family Division or Inheritance Tax. Please contact us in the first instance to discuss charges and details of these valuations.

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