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Natural Scottish River Pearls


Scottish freshwater pearls (variety: margaritifera margaritifera) have been collected from Scottish rivers such as the Tay and the Spey for centuries and are amongst the finest pearls in the world.  They are valued for their beauty and rarity and have a quality, colour and lustre that equals and often surpasses that of fine oriental pearls.


The pearls are characterised by a variety of natural colours and distinctive shapes which make every stone unique and highly sought after. They were traditionally fished by travelling people and a small band of professional fisher people during the summer months, some of whom, like Bill Abernethy (finder of famous pearl "Little Willie") have become minor celebrities in their own right.


The destruction of mussel beds has seriously endangered this species which, undisturbed, can live for over a hundred years and grow to several inches in length.  Today the Scottish pearl mussel is a protected species and cannot be taken from the wild. 


Our pearls are sold subject to a license issued by The Scottish Government Rural Directorate, Landscapes & Habitats Division and were taken from the wild prior to 27th March 1991.




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