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"God's Treasure House in Scotland"

In 1511 King James IV raised the finance to prospect for gold on Crawfordmoor, so successfully that the area later became known as "God's treasure house in Scotland".  The Scottish crown was crafted from Scotland's gold and tales abound of nuggets several ounces in weight exemplifying the richness of the mines.  In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries lead miners in Leadhills and Wanlockhead panned for gold during periods of unemployment.



Today Scottish gold is rare, but a few hardy enthusiasts pan for gold in the rivers and burns of Scotland. Our Scottish gold has been found in this way and comes from a variety of places, from near St. Mary's Loch in the Borders to Kildonan in Sutherland.  It is a precious resource which we greatly value and few jewellers can offer such a thing.  We manufacture a small but exclusive range of our own designs and we make indivdual bespoke articles incorporating Scottish gold, such as wedding and engagement rings to add a truly unique touch.


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